Bright Red Valentine's Day Look

Hello my beautiful friends! Before we get into all the lovey dovey stuff. Once again, I have to thank all of you for how incredible you have been towards me and my family with the diagnosis of my nephew. The best news we could have received came! The scan results came back and his cancer did NOT spread! We are elated and feel so incredibly blessed! For those who don't know, he had a mass removed from his neck a few weeks back which they biopsied and they found that it was a cancerous mass. He will still be undergoing chemotherapy for a year to kill off all the cancer cells that are trying to linger in him. It will still not be a fun process for him, but since it did not spread it will be much easier to treat. Going through this process definitely made me thankful for all the loved ones I have in my life and for the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Life has been throwing curve balls our way for months now.. and its honestly been hard to bear at times. I am so grateful I have such an amazing family and husband who help carry me when times get rough. But we are fighters and we can do hard things!

Alright, lets get to it then. We made it through January and it blows my mind that we are already onto the second month of the year! Where has the time gone? I don’t mind though, I hope February goes just as fast because March is the beginning of fun celebrations in our house with our wedding anniversary and then April with our birthdays and then Summer is right around the corner!

Being February, the overloads of red and pinks begin. If you saw from my insta post a bit ago, you know that I have been totally de-junking my closet. Like DEJUNKING it! I was folding laundry this past weekend and Nate looks at me and said "woah, your clothes have never fit into one basket before." Haha I have been taking lots and lots of trips to Uptown Cheapskates where I actually sell my clothes and earn money back. Which I then use that money to pay for new clothes. (best recycling ever!) As I was looking through my closet for possible Valentine’s Day looks. I realize I have ZERO red or pinks.. (ok I have a few pinks) but legit no red! I knew I wanted to do a bright red look because it's totally out of my comfort zone. Most the time you’ll see me in black or some sort of muted color. Bright red totally intimidates me so I wanted to challenge myself by wearing it!

As I was doing some online searches for some fun bright red tops, I saw this v neck sweater from Old Navy and remembered that I have a black version just like it and I LOVE it! I ran to my local store and saw that they had one in my size so I snatched it quick! It’s a tunic style, but I love tucking in the front to give me some shape while leaving the back loose and covering the bum. I couldn’t decide what kind of bottoms to pair it with. Skirt? Skinnies? Leggings? I happened to be at Ella Bloom Boutique (looking for another top I will show you later) and I saw these 70's inspired flare jeans. Guys… these jeans feel like butter! They are so soft and stretchy and I wore them all day cause they feel like sweat pants! However, because I’m short, I had to compensate by wearing the tallest shoes I own so that the bottoms wouldn’t drag. It was actually really funny because when I walked up to Nate after getting all ready, I met him at eye level and was like “Woah?! What shoes are you wearing?! You’re as tall as me!” It was nice to not have to hyper extend my neck when I kiss on him! Ha!

So like I said before, I wanted this to be a very “POW! RED!” look, while still being comfortable and casual. The flare jeans give it a little attitude but doesn’t overcompensate the bright red sweater and lips. How about you guys? Do you get all dressed up in your bright red hues for a fancy evening? Or are you in sweats binge eating and watching Netflix like us? Either way, I hope you all have someone to smooch on Valentine’s Day. If not. That’s why there is chocolate and chick flicks right?! 

Love you all! Thanks for reading!
Xo Lauren 

Sweater- Old Navy- Similar 
Jeans - Ella Bloom Boutique- bought in store
Bag- Thifted from Uptown Cheapskates
Lip color - Blu Red Lipsense