Thanksgivng Day Outfit with My Sister's Closet

Hiya friends! I hope you are all doing well and want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all able to be with your loved ones and count your many blessings. I for one feel so incredibly blessed! Life has its ups and downs, but I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a loving and supportive family, having you as my friends, and that I am even able to blog (even though I'm not exactly the best at posting all the time). But I have to say thank you to you all and I love you all!

Ok, so now let’s talk about Thanksgiving. It's an awesome holiday right? A day with of giving, family, friends and delicious food! Now, I don’t know about you, but guys... I eat a TON on Thanksgiving. I loooove everything about a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and boy do I eat my fair share! I'm not shy about it. haha! However, if I'm not careful, the uncomfortable bloating starts. (sorry, is that too TMI? Nah, we've all been there right?) I am always making sure I am wearing the most comfortable outfit possible to allow my pants to stretch when they need to ;)

For this post, I have collaborated with a local company called My Sister’s Closet located in Spanish Fork, Utah to bring you the perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit.  I have been a fan of their store for quite some time. After looking through their collection of clothes (which is endless btw) I knew I needed a good pair of comfy pants, a flowy top (to hide any Thanksgiving day bloating), and a cozy sweater. So, Ta Da! Here you have an outfit containing cute moto pants, a flowy top and cozy sweater!

Now, if you are thinking, ya ok, everyone wears leggings and a sweater to Thanksgiving dinner... be original. The best thing about My Sister’s Closet is that they don’t sell “typical” clothing that most boutiques here in Utah sell. It was refreshing to see different designs, styles and color pallets. Not to mention My Sister’s Closet always has free shipping and nothing is ever over $40! I am always about saving money, so I was sold! 

I had my eyes set on these pants when I first browsed their website so I instantly snagged them. Hi, they are black, with moto and zipper details. 100% me right? My mom and I wanted to go check out the store since we were in that area and because I got the pants, I had no intentions of buying anything else for the post while we were there... However, my mom and I went to the store front and you know when a store’s setup is just so cute you feel like you need EVERYTHING?! Well, that was My Sister’s Closet! It is sectioned into colors, accessories, shoes and even a plus size! As we were just looking around, my mom and I found ourselves with arms full of amazingly prices goodies. 

I saw this peplum shirt and the color instantly drew me in, then I turned around and saw this long cardigan and loved the cut out details of it. Perfect way to stay cool and warm at the same time. I didn’t think to pair them together until I was trying things on and it just hit me… so once I paired them together, the whole outfit was just perfect! Peplum tops are so great for hiding tummies when you've eaten a bit too much. Ha! 

I hope you like this look and if you are wanting a new, fresh outfit for any of your holiday parties, be sure you go to My Sister’s Closet! They have so many great options for any style, size and occasion! My friends over at My Sister’s Closet are such gems that they are giving my followers an extra a 15% discount off their already amazing priced collection!! Make sure you use the discount code "urbanombre" at checkout! I love you all so so much! Have a great holiday weekend!

xo Lauren 

Shirt - bought in store, here are other peplum options they have here