Valentine's Day Look Without Screaming Valentines

With my last Valentine's Day inspired post being super festive with bright reds and roses. I wanted to do the flip side with a Valentine’s Day look that doesn't scream Valentine’s. I saw another blogger do something similar and just loved the idea! I wanted to put together a simple outfit that fits the holiday, but isn’t trying too hard. I feel like with Valentine's Day, you either love the day, or hate it. Back in high school I would go the extra mile to wearing black on Valentine's Day to make it known that I wasn't a fan of the holiday. Mostly because high school for one, sucked. I hated it when girls would get chocolate and flowers delivered to them in class. (total Glen Coco moment, except I was Gretchen...Mean Girls moment ha!) My mom was the best though, I would come home after school surprised with my own bouquet of flowers, chocolate and a chick flick to watch! 

It honestly wasn't until I had my first Valentine's with Nate that I realized how special the day can be! I remember telling him that I had never been on a "official" Valentine's Day date before and instead of taking the easy route and just throwing something together. He took so much time planning it out with dinner, dessert (which is huge cause we NEVER get desserts), movie and giving me the most beautiful necklace! I felt so so special and every year since then, he has always made sure that I feel special and loved.

So going back to the outfit, remember my last post when I was talking about the flare jeans and that I was actually at Ella Bloom looking at something else? Well I was there looking at this top! (Pardon my French) but, How bad ass is that ruffle?! I didn’t know ruffles could look that feminine, while also being edgy! Ha! Ella Bloom is one of those hidden gem kind of stores. Their clothing line always follows the latest trends, but also stick to their aesthetic which is usually easy going, but with a pop of flare! That’s exactly what this shirt is! It’s a pretty rosey pink color, but gives you that ruffle to give some interest!

Idk what it is, this top just makes you want to twirl like a little girl! The ruffle is so girly, but the shape gives your shoulders a very subtle sexy vibe! It reminds me of the neck line of like old Victorian off the shoulder dresses, like when the ruffles would cascade down their shoulders. I've never seen a shirt like this before and love how unique it is. I’ve worn it probably 3 times since I bought it a few weeks ago and wish it came in more colors so I can just wear it every day! I know Ella Bloom restocked it over the weekend, so pop over or call to get one before tomorrow!! I paired my favorite black OTK boots to keep the look sleek and chic. 

Now last but not least, I couldn't finish the look without my Lipsense! I've had a few people ask me if I sell it and no, I do not. I have a lot of friends and my sister in law who I buy them from. They are AMAZING and I am soooo addicted to it. I mean, who likes reapplying their lip color all day? No one. I feel like your lip color completes your makeup look, and since it lasts so long, you always look put together! The color I'm wearing is my favorite color "First Love" it's the most perfect nude/pink color and goes with everything! Make sure you check it out, it really is an amazing product and I can't wait to get my hands on their face and eye makeup line!! 

So how about you? Are you guys crazy about Valentine's Day? Or are you more low key? I’d love to see your "love day" looks! So tag me and #urbanombreblog so I can see your cute faces!

Love you guys! Thanks for reading
Xo Lauren
Top- Ella Bloom Boutique- bought in store
Jeans - Target 
OTK Boots - DSW
Lip color- First Love Lipsense