Easter 2017

Happy Easter Friends! Easter is one of my favorite holidays! For one, we celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ for all he did for us and his resurrection.  I believe that it's also a fresh new beginning of the year. The colors of nature begin to come in with full vibrancy which just makes everything so beautiful! Also makes finding photogenic places much much easier! Not to mention the Easter candy is like the best thing ever! Plus, this year Easter is on my birthday! So it's going to be a good year this year! I always loved it when my birthday was on Easter, mostly because I got all the yummy candy, as well as gifts. ha! (typical kid) but now as a grown up, yes I still do love the candy but I'm more grateful for the blessing I have in my life and love counting them on special days like Easter.

Ever since I can remember, my mom always would go out and buy my sisters and I an Easter dress. They were always so frilly, pretty pastel colors, lace, floral, I mean you name it, it had it! I LOVED waking up Easter morning to see a brand new pretty dress next to my Easter basket which I could then wear to church! It was almost as good as Christmas morning. Now that I'm older, I have always kept this tradition. Idk why I just still love having a new dress to wear on Easter Sunday that makes me feel festive and ready to celebrate the day!

So this year, I had been searching for a perfect Easter/Birthday dress and kept coming up empty handed. I have this thing where I don't want to be dressing like everyone else. I find it kind of annoying that every local store is selling the same clothes and sometimes it makes it hard to feel unique. Which it's also hard to keep from spend too much to get "one of a kind" clothing. However, whenever I get into this pickle.. ASOS always pops into my head! They literally have the BEST selection of clothes in every category! The day I was online shopping, I saw that they were having a fantastic sale (it was fate!) I began searching through pages and pages of dresses and finally came across this beauty! Immediately I loved the style and couldn't believe how cheap it was! I've been noticing the "corset trend" coming about and thought this detail was so unique because instead of going over the stomach and cinching you in, it would accentuate your curves in your sides and hips. Plus the soft, feminine baby pink color and hem length made it a perfect everyday dress.

This dress is so versatile that it's going to be more that just a one time Easter dress. The t shirt material is SO comfortable that I've paired it with some sneakers and baseball cap, and felt so comfortable during the day! I hope you all have a happy Easter Sunday! I feel so incredibly blessed today and hope that you all can have fun celebrating with your loved ones! 

Thank you for reading 
xo Lauren