Hello Autumn!

It's finally starting to look like Fall around here! Utah weather hasn't quite gotten the memo that it's suppose to be cooling down and about 90% of the leaves should be changing colors. I was feeling so sad that I couldn't find any tree's with lots of colored leaves both on the tree and on the ground. Up until the beginning of this week, this grove of trees just outside our neighborhood turned into the most gorgeous shade of yellow and thankfully, no one cleaned up the leaves. So, I made sure we snapped some pics with the leaves before the weather gets yucky and the trees go bare. 

 So, I've been the worst about blogging... Clearly. 

For one, since school has started for Nate I have been concentrating on working and being a good house wife. My poor guy is at school allllllll day long on some days in the week, and it just drains him. So I try to make sure our house is clean and dinner is hot and ready. Now, I am SOOOOO not that "perfect house wife" sometimes dinner is cereal, J Dawgs and some kind of crockpot concoction and I managed to put together, and I very strategically put all the dishes in the sink so our counters appear to be more "cleaned off". 

Second, being that I am so busy, writing up a blog takes time. Honestly, I live such a boring life that it's hard to come up with content sometimes. 

And lastly, I find that not a lot of people visit blogs anymore. Personally I love blogs, I have since I knew what they were. I enjoy looking at peoples adventures, fashion, meals and life. However, in my personal blogging experience, (and I'm fully aware that I dont put as much effort into my blog as others do.) I find that I get most of my views and followers through Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook. Instagram for one, has changed so much since I became a blogger. In some ways its great, and others, not so much (stupid algorithm). I enjoy talking with my followers, fellow bloggers and new friends. I'm unable to connect with you on here. 

So, all in all. No I am not going to quit my blog. I actually have some fun things coming up in the next few months I plan on sharing with you guys on here. But until then, thank you for sticking it out with me on here! However, you can always see more of me over on Snapchat and Instagram. I love you all so so much! 

xo Lauren