SweetFlexx - Wear Your Gym

Hey guys! I am so excited to talk to you about today’s collaboration! First, let me ask you guys. Do you love leggings, and do you like wearing leggings that will help you lose weight? Stupid question I know. But do you know there is a such thing as a pair of leggings that can indeed help you slim down? Today I am going to introduce you to an amazing company that I know will become something huge! I came across Sweetflexx from a blogger friend Alexa over at She's Glitter and Gold (go check her out!) She was actually able to help out with the studies over at Yale for these leggings. Um, how awesome is that?! They were able to analyze her body as she ran on a treadmill to see the how the leggings effected her body as she exercised. #mindblown

Over at Sweetflexx, they specialize in creating work out gear that can help both men and women burn more calories and increase lean muscle mass by seamlessly integrating resistant bands into the leggings that follow the anatomical path of the major leg muscles. Genius right?! I mean, you are literally WEARING your gym. Hence their slogan "Wear your Gym" When your legs move, the bands are stretched, generating more resistance against the muscles. This will improve muscle strength, tone and boost stamina.

Now, I could sit here and type up a fluffy post with cute photos of me wearing them and talk about how cute, and attractive these leggings are (which they are, look at them!) but I wanted to put these leggings to the test! After receiving them, they come kinda scrunched up due to how they sew the bands in and I was told to wear them for a few days to get them stretched out. I washed them before this photo shoot, so the front got all scrunched up again.. That does go away the more you wear them. After they had time to relax, it was time to test them out! I began by wearing a pair of normal leggings during a very simple 30 min video one day. I felt the normal little burns here and there, nothing out of the ordinary. The next day, I put on my Sweetflexx leggings with the same video and no joke, my leg muscles were burning (in a good way) and I felt the results so much stronger.

These leggings come in a variety of colors and lengths to be able to fit into your wardrobe and busy schedules to keep you stylish and healthy. Think about this... Fall and Winter are the hardest times of the year to stay fit. At least for me, I wanna stay inside where it's warm. With these leggings, you don't have to worry about hitting up the gym. Just wear them throughout your day and you'll keep yourself tight and toned! I've worn mine going grocery shopping and I didn't realize how many steps and stairs I take during those simple errands. It was crazy to feel my muscles work harder and I know the more I wear them the better results I'll achieve.

My friends over at Sweetflexx are so amazing that they are giving my readers an amazing discount of $25 off their whole order! Use the code UrbanOmbre at checkout. Their inventory can go pretty fast so head over to Sweetflexx now and grab yourself a pair! Working out has never felt so sweet!

Also, I had to get a shot of our view as we were leaving Snow Canyon.. Is that not the most gorgeous view?! 

Thanks for stopping by friends! 
xo Lauren 

This post was in collaboration with Sweetflexx, all opinions are my own.