Fall Trends- Berry Lips and High Waisted

It's Wednesday! So you know what that means! Time for another post on our favorite fall trends!

Today's post is all about berry colored lips and high waisted styles. Both of these trends are already making appearances very early in the fall season, which means it will definitely be a favorite this fall. Now, I've never really been a dark lipstick wearer, however at my last stop to Ulta (knowing this post was coming) I went and swatched a handful of colors and ended up getting the perfect shade for me! Ever since then I've worn it at every possible opportunity! 
Earlier this week, I posted this picture on Instagram.. 

I received a lot of questions on the brand and color of the lipstick I was wearing. I am wearing the same color in both the Instagram photo, and the rest of the photos below.. unfortunately the color that Instagram's filters created was more of a satin red color, rather than a deep purple, berry color. I  apologize if this confused anyone. The brand is Nyx Butter Lipsticks. They are hands down my favorite! It really does feel like butter on your lips (not in a gross way) and the lipstick is so nourishing that it helps keep your lips moisturized and provides great color. The color lasts forever, the price is unbeatable and they have so many shades that you're bound to find one that is perfect for you! Now, for the second portion of this post I attempted to wear a high waisted look for you guys. The only thing I could think of was my high waisted flares. The benefit of high waisted bottoms (for us shorter girls) is that they give us the appearance of looking taller. Even though I am wearing 5" heels under them! ;) No worries if flares aren't your thing.  Various high waisted styles can be found everywhere, so next time you go to your favorite store take a look to see if they have any high waisted styles for your favorite type of pants. (I can tell you Forever 21 has skinny high waisted jeans! You're welcome!)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for next week when we have a new set of trends for you!

Higher End Version-Jeans (bought my pair in store at Target, not longer online)

Be sure to take a look at my fabulous friends below for how they style their gorgeous berry lips and high waisted looks!

[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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